LifeGrow is one of my passion projects aiming to motivate people to finish their own challenges in a natural way.
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LifeGrow was inspired by the conversations and discussions regarding the emotional needs of people and the Ted Talk  from Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days.

The society is becoming more and more competitive. Companies are eager to develop the latest technologies, designers are competing to give birth to the most innovative ideas and people tend to begin a more and more fast-paced life. As a designer, I deeply feel the pain of anxiety, not being able to commit task effectively and procrastination.From there, an idea about motivating people with a healing experience has come to my mind. 

People's Voice

  • Being able to finish a 30-day challenge gain my confidence and trust to myself.
  • Plants make me get closer to nature and myself.
  • That will be great if I can motivate myself while not being too aggressive.
  • I feel peaceful when I'm taking care of my garden...


Inspired by Khan Academy, I decided to implement the gamification principles to achieve more interactivity and motivate the users.

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Based on the discussions, I decided that the MVP will be motivating people with the growth of the plants.

User Flow

Based on the MVP : start a challenge and monitor the progress

Site Map

According to user flow, there are 4 parts of the app: home, challenge, achievement and setting


This picture shows how the screen sketches look.



The first prototype for lifeGrow. I cleared sketches using Mockplus and complete the interactions between screens.

Problems identified:  
1. Not natural transition from the first challenge page back to home (revised)
2. Structural problem of the initial homepage(revised)
3. Sub-menus too complicated in the Collection page. Users need to go up to three submenus to access to the history

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1.Visual design of user interfaces: The following screens show the user flow in 4 dimensions.
1) Registration 2)First-time User 3)Start a task 4)Returning User


2. High-fidelity Interactive Mockup with Invision: Try the interactive lifeGrow!

Or visit the Invision Prototype share link:


3. UI Kit and Promotional Materials:  All about the growing plants

 Flower Seed Kit

The first plant set of 9 flower seeds. They were made combining the original appearance and the typical features from the plant. 


Achievement Badge Kit

Implementing the gamification principle, 9 badges about the plants were created. User can get rewarded once they have successfully finish a 30-day challenge.


Growing Flower

The plant will grow everyday if the user continue to check off the challenge on time, offering a dynamic growth for motivation.

Picture on the right shows the 30-day growing process for bellflower.


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#Fairy has something to say...

As a designer, I'm dedicated to solve problems in real life via design. LifeGrow is my first experiment and is still under development. 

I have conveyed the basic ideas here, if you are interested in giving me any feedback,  joining me to give birth to an amazing product,  or would like to fund me, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Visit the landing page here

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